Welcome to Mr. Oink - the coolest pig on the blockchain!

The collection of 10,000 unique and cool pigs were randomly generated from a combination of over 180 hand drawn traits. All Mr. Oinks are living on the Ethereum blockchain and were created as ERC-721 standard tokens. Some are rarer than others, but all are lots of fun!

First drawn in 1993 during math lessons in 8th grade the artist Claudia created Mr. Oink to bring her and others joy (and he really did!). Almost 30 years later the Mr. Oink company has been founded in 2021 and already started to sell eco-friendly products in Germany.

Now Mr. Oink enters the NFT space cause he wants to bring joy to even much more people and to make a big impact to the world (see below)!

Mr. Oink NFT Preview

1 Mr. Oink costs 0.05 eth

plus gas fees

You must install Metamask, a virtual Ethereum wallet in your browser, to mint Mr. Oink NFTs.

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Mr. Oink’s mission and charity

Mr. Oink and Claudia - the artist behind him - have big hearts and giving back means a lot to them! Not only to their Mr. Oink token holders (see FAQ „What does my Mr. Oink get me?“), but also to a group of human beings who really need our support: Children in developing countries who can’t read or write!

Claudia always loved reading and learning and maybe Mr. Oink wouldn’t even exist without the fictional worlds she dived into as a child!

But without reading and writing skills as a basis for a proper education children don’t get a fair chance to succeed in life. Badly or uneducated adolescents and young adults don’t have a chance to get a well-paid jobs, they become poor like their parents - a vicious circle.

And Mr. Oink and Claudia want to help to change that!

The Mr. Oink company is still small, but already has big visions. I want to support children e.g. by donating regularly stationeries from my upcoming products, drill wells, build schools, etc. (see below „Sales Milestones“).

By buying a Mr. Oink NFT and becoming a member of our joyful community you can help me to turn this vision into reality cause together we’re stronger. So join the Mr. Oink movement on Twitter and let’s make the world a better place!


All Mr. Oinks are cool, but some are rarer than others.

  • Mr. Oink NFTs
  • Backgrounds
  • Hats
  • Eyes
  • Mouths
  • Accessories

Sales Milestones

  1. StartMr. Oink launch: February 22, 2022 | 9pm CET, 3pm EST, 12pm PST
  2. 10 % soldEarly Adopter Airdrop: Mr. Oink wants to say a big THANK YOU to all early supporters. Your support means the world to him! To show his appreciation Mr. Oink will airdrop 15 NFTs that were withheld from the launch to early token holders.
  3. 25 % soldLaunch of download area for Mr. Oink cards & printables: Holding a Mr. Oink NFT gives you an exclusive access to all the postcards, greeting cards, e-cards and printables Mr. Oink released so far and to all the new ones that will come!
  4. 50 % soldDonation for school materials: When 50 % of Mr. Oink NFTs have been sold, Mr. Oink will donate 5 ETH in EUR to Plan International for school materials to support children and teachers in developing countries (later I also will donate my stationeries.)
  5. 75 % soldWell drilling: With an oinksome 75 % of Mr. Oink NFTs having been sold Mr. Oink will drill 5 wells in Africa (most likely Uganda). A lot of children can’t attend school cause every day they have to walk for hours in the hot sun to get dirty water from wells many miles away.
  6. 90 % soldMr. Oink Surprise Box: A Mr. Oink Surprise Box will go out to 100 random token holders (including mugs, T-Shirts, Hoodies, stationery, shopping bags and much more).
  7. 100 % soldBuild a school in Africa: Let’s celebrate!!! When all Mr. Oink NFTs are sold out Mr. Oink REALLY wants to make something big and builds a school in Africa! Mr. Oink and I want to give children the opportunity to learn how to read and write, so that they can take their future into their own hands. A big THANK YOU to all Mr. Oink token holders that believe in this project and support it. Mr. Oink and I will do our very best to grow this into a sustainable one, so that the value of the NFTs will increase over time.

Last, but not least: When all Mr. Oinks NFTs are sold out the token holders are up to decide which projects should be supported with 5 % of all secondary sales. So if you join the Mr. Oink family, you will be able to suggest new projects and have a right to vote. So what are you waiting for!?

One-Woman Show

Totally different from other NFT-projects Mr. Oink NFTs is a one-woman show. Besides a little help from her partner with some technical aspects Claudia made the whole project on her own, meaning there’s no big team behind her (though she sometimes wished it had been different!). Being completely new to the NFT space she worked hours and hours without getting a break to get her beloved Mr. Oink on the blockchain. Claudia wants to share the joy Mr. Oink brings with the world and support some of the weakest groups there is: Children in the developing world that can’t read or write. She believes that together with Mr. Oink she can make a difference, so she invites you to follow along and become a part of this journey!


Technical Details

Release date: February 22, 2022 at 9pm CET, 3pm EST, 12pm PST

Total number of tokens: 10,000

Tokens withheld from sale: 100 (for giveaways, marketing and creator)

Price per token: 0.05 ETH

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token type: ERC-721

File hosting: IPFS

Number of traits: 184 (plus 12 backgrounds)

Reveal type: Instant

Smart Contract: 0x7FD0353198bFEF0450Bd57A64bfA7c30289c3132